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A Message to Our Patients About COVID-19 Coronavirus

We understand there is a great deal of concerns, uncertainty and anxiety within our community regarding COVID-19. We want to assure you For Women OBGYN Associates

At For Women OBGYN Associates, the health and safety of our employees and patient is put top priority. With that in mind, we are taking additional steps to be extra vigilant regarding COVID-19. Specific instruction to our vulnerable patients follows:

Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment unless necessary. You are welcome to Facetime any relatives during your appointment.

We always love to have you children- BUT NOT NOW! Children are known to be mostly asymptomatic even if infected with this coronavirus and thus can spread it, even with no fever or cough. Of course, if you have no choice we totally understand.

Currently For Women OBGYN Associates is disinfecting our office areas with a hospital-grade solution after each patient. Also, we are sanitizing clipboard, pens, doorknobs, sinks and toilet handles.

As of today, March 16, no newborns are thought to have contracted the virus from mothers who tested positive during pregnancy. Very limited data shows that positive mothers MAY BE at risk for preterm labor. Obviously, we recommend that pregnant women self-quarantine as much as possible. IF YOU NEED A NOTE TO WORK FROM HOME, we will provide a note for you. Email us at for the note.

If you are breastfeeding and you feel ill - KEEP BREASTFEEDING. You are protecting your baby with antibodies from breast milk. This applies to all viral illnesses with the exception of HIV.

If you are over the age of 60, we recommend a stricter quarantine. Please call if you would like to reschedule your GYN visit and you will be given PRIORITY to reschedule. IF YOU NEED A NOTE TO WORK FROM HOME we will provide you with one - no visit necessary. Email us at for the note.

We are seeing a selected group of OB patient remotely, please call this office for more information at (703)430-7779 or email us at:

As the situation is evolving, please refer to the following resources for the latest updates: * US:

Thank you

We are seeing a selected group of OB patient remotely, please call this office for more information at (703)430-7779 or email us at:

Thank you



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